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Vytautas Lapenas Flight School

Does the sky attract you?
Are you flying in your dreams?

You just need to take the first step into the sky.
We assure you that our initial training for amateur pilots is your chance.

The Flight School offers you what you have been dreaming of for a long time: not only the feeling of motion in three-dimensional space, but also, after being qualified as a pilot, a possibility to make a career seeking to become an airline pilot, or simply pleasure of an independent flight.


The school has a wonderful team of pilot-instructors, each having a wide experience both in independent flying and in instructing. You will be greatly surprised to meet distinguished and titled sportsmen among them. One of them is Vytautas Lapenas, the legendary man, who needs no introduction.

Training is conducted in English, Spanish, Russian and Lithuanian.

Hard-surface runway will facilitate your first steps into the sky.


We will offer you different training programmes starting from those for the beginners, who have just fallen in love with aviation and are making their first steps towards the sky, to complex programmes for aerobatic training. Should you wish to have an individual programme you are sure to get it.


You will have good possibilities to choose. If you admire the American aircraft we will be pleased to offer you PIPER-CHEROKEE, ERCOUPE, CESSNA. These are the aircraft known in the whole world as friends of private pilots. A sports ambitious pilot or just any man wishing to experience the aerobatics is sure to be interested in such Russian sports - training aircraft as YAK-52, SU-29. Yes! We offer you a possibility to practice on one of the most up-to-date two-seater aerobatic aircraft SU-29. You will be greatly impressed during the SU-29 flight. Perhaps, you have heard of the exotic AN-2 aircraft. And what about MI-8 helicopter? Yes, it is also possible.


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