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VoIP equipment and services

Fax over IP

The TR1034 series of intelligent fax boards offers enterprise customers a line of high-performance 33.6-Kbps intelligent fax boards with real-time fax-over-IP capabilities. The boards are useful in a variety of computer-based fax applications, such as network fax, fax broadcast, unified messaging and business-process automation. The products support both IP and PSTN network connectivity. For IP network connectivity, the TR1034 digital T-1/E-1 offers an additional Ethernet interface and supports real-time fax over IP via the T.38 protocol and SIP call control. For PSTN-based faxing, a number of analog, BRI and PRI configurations are available, which are compatible with all 33-MHz and 66-MHz PCI slots.


VoWLAN gateway

The W310 WLAN Gateway and W110 WLAN Access Point together provide a voice-optimized WLAN infrastructure that scales to support midsize to large enterprise deployments. When combined with the company’s Communication Manager and associated wireless devices, like 3616 and 3626 IP wireless telephones, or Windows-based PCs and PDAs running IP Softphone, enterprise-class telephony can be delivered to mobile employees throughout a campus. The products support the Motorola CN620, a new dual-network, mobile-office device that allows employees to conduct wireless conversations that will not fade or drop as they move to various locations, both on a WLAN and onto public cellular networks.


VoIP client software

The SymPhone Enterprise VoIP System is a software solution for making voice calls from mobile computers. Quality management in the client software allows it to maintain calls when the packet loss is as high as 50%, handle up to 400 ms of jitter and 250 msec of latency, and automatically reconnect calls that are temporarily interrupted. Security features include embedded RSA Security’s Keon digital certificate management, encrypted user authentication to standard directories (NT domain, active directory and RADIUS) to initialize clients, an application PKI (public/private key authentication) for all subsequent initializations of the client and its connections, and PKI authentication for inter-company communications.


Voice mail forwarding

The Voicemail to E-mail Service allows users to send voice mails to their e-mail boxes. Voice mail messages are delivered to e-mail in a .wav audio file format, so users hear the messages exactly as they were recorded. This eliminates the possibility of error in converting voice to text. Users have the option of having messages sent to e-mail while still retaining the message in voice mail, or of sending all messages directly to e-mail without keeping a message on the voice mail server. Messages can be easily sorted and archived for future reference. Received voice mails can also be resent to others.

Appia Communications

Flexible phone system

A complete solution that features native IP and a unique network signaling protocol, the Nexspan family of converged communications platforms provide a foundation for an IP network, as well as flexibility for companies just beginning to migrate to VoIP from traditional TDM networks. The products have the ability to connect any combination of up to 990 analog, digital or IP phones and are scalable to support up to 100,000 users in a network. They fit customers’ existing enterprise infrastructure and are compatible with all the IP and telephony protocols in common use today. The system delivers more than 400 standard telephony features, and has a range of digital and IP station sets that can migrate from digital to IP simply by adding a cartridge.



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