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Part 1: How Can You Turn E-Commerce Visitors Into Online Shoppers?

Build an e-commerce site, and the customers will come, shopping online madly and making you a dot com millionaire. Hype like this may move stock markets, but does nothing to motivate e-commerce visitors to become online shoppers. As you may already know from sad personal experience, you can invest a small fortune and a great deal of time designing a state-of-the-art e-commerce web site to showcase your product and getting those high rankings in search engines, but still be running your e-commerce venture in the red.

I get a lot of email from people seeking e-commerce advice. They tell me they have a great product. They have a good-looking e-commerce site, complete with an e-commerce shopping cart. They’ve promoted their e-commerce site heavily. Why aren’t the customers clicking away and shopping online?

Too often I have to find a tender way of saying, “Why would they?” If you want visitors to your e-commerce web site to shop online and actually buy something from you, you have to entice them. Just as you would in a "traditional" store.

According to Resource E-Commerce Watch, potential online shoppers want the same things that bricks-and-mortar shoppers want, such as a convenient shopping experience, having their questions or concerns addressed, in-stock merchandise, and a timely and accurate order confirmation process. Online retailers who execute these retail basics well will win loyal customers.

Too much has been made of the differences between e-commerce and the traditional business model. When you’re trying to sell something online, there aren’t that many differences. Would you really go to the trouble of opening a traditional store, stocking it with products, and then keep your store locked so customers couldn’t get in? Or not bother to talk to any of the customers shopping in your store? Would you really set up a traditional retail business and insist that your customers pay cash only, in exact change? These are all things that budding e-commerce retailers are doing!

Let’s look at a simplistic model, comparing the “traditional” and the e-commerce approach and, in the process, extract some rule for good e-commerce web site design and converting site visitors into online shoppers.

Susan Ward


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