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Nuclear power energetics in Russia lives out its days

Evgeny Adamov, a minister for Atomic energy sighed a decree about power decrease of atomic electric power stations. This measure was caused by the great debts of the Russian joint-stock company?Power Grid of Russia (RAO UES). The amount of the debt is 13 milliard rubles. It makes the repair operations, the security of the station and the charge with nuclear fuel impossible, Ria-Novosti reports. Many atomic electric power station of Russia has already decreased their power.
In general atomic power engineering of Russia in its present form is living the rest of its days. It was already announced by that the period of exploitation of reactors of several atomic electric power stations, including Leningradskaya, situated nearby St Petersburg, expires by 2005. The oldest reactors are to be taken out of operation by this time. In a few years the activity of other reactors will be stopped, too. But for lack of money new reactors and atomic stations can-t be built. Evidently, it-s time to turn into alternative energy sources. There is a project of merger of Russia-s and the Middle Asia power systems. It is well known, that the power system of Middle Asia is surplus. The electric power stations, built in mountains in Soviet epoch, were intended for operation in the huge power system of the Soviet Union. Now they can help Russia in overcoming the crisis.


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