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Prepare. Practice. Perfect. Learn to Kiss and Don't Blow It!
Even if you have never kissed, there is always a first time and once is enough to know how to do it.

Kissing In your Imagination

Till the time you have a couple of kisses under your belt, practice the following steps in your mind. Imagine yourself kissing a girl and see it happening in your mind's eye so that when you really have to kiss a girl, it will come naturally to you.

Assume you are with a girl, who is interested in you. Both of you are facing each other, while sitting.

Now that you have established lots of eye contact and touched her often at every small excuse, you need to get ready to kiss her (make sure your breath is fresh).

Turn your face towards her and lean closer till your lips are almost meeting.

Keep watching her as you move closer, after all you don't want to have an accident bumping each other.

Look into her eyes just before you kiss her.

Don't try to kiss straight on, or your noses will bump. Tilt your head, so that your noses just rub or not touch at all.

Tilt your head to the left, as this seems to come naturally.

Hopefully your partner will also tilt her head to the left, so that you are both tilting in opposite directions.

Now look back at her slightly parted lips.

When parting your lips don't open your mouth wide. Part your lips as though you are going to take drink some water in a glass.

Close your eyes just as you kiss.

When your lips meet, keep them slightly parted.

Press gently against her lips.

Your heads should be tilted so that your lips are angled across each other, not direct face to face.

Give her a small kiss and draw back.

Look into her eyes and carry on holding hands.

Go back for another kiss if you are both ready and excited.

Play this scenario out in your mind a couple of times, and when the time comes, you will kiss like a pro.

Practicing Kissing with Props

To get used to the idea of how your lips will feel, when you actually kiss someone, use your hand.

Make a fist and turn your palm towards you.

Now raise the first two fingers after the thumb, in to the "peace" sign.

Don't spread your fingers in a deep "V", but keep them slightly parted.

Tilt your hand to the left side and pretend you have a set of makeshift lips.

The top finger is the upper lip and the bottom finger is the lower lip.

Now position your lips in such a fashion that your upper lip is nuzzled between your make believe lips and your lower lip is just below your make believe lower lip.

Basically, you have her pretend lower lip between yours and she has your upper lip between her lips.

I call it the interlocking lip lock or the basic lip kiss.

You can also practice kissing on:

The web of skin between your thumb and first finger.

The back of your hand.

Your wrist.

By licking a lollipop.

Or eating an ice cream cone.

Just close your eyes and pretend, you are kissing your dream girl. Imagine her hair, her eyes, the shape of her lips ...let her come alive in your imagination and practice kissing with passion.

Practice Kissing - Moving your Lips

Once you have got the basic interlock lip down pat, you can practice some other ways of moving your lips.

Don't just kiss the lower lip. Switch between the top and the bottom lip.

Tilt your head more, so you can kiss even the ends of her mouth.

Stop to withdraw your lips and then gently lick the outline of one lip.

Suck in both her lips together.

Stop kissing and just rub your lips across hers, from one end to the other.

If you want to explore her neck, don't stop kissing. Kiss your way down her throat or shoulder placing short kisses or giving long licks.

If she is enjoying it, she will tilt her head back to give you better access to her neck and shoulders.


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