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Coyote Linux floppy firewall

This product is a single floppy distribution of Linux designed for the sole purpose of sharing and protecting an Internet connection. The floppy can be created using either a Microsoft Windows wizard, or by using a set of Linux shell scripts. In addition to being designed to have very low hardware requirements, the floppy release of Coyote Linux is able to provide the performance and uptime that is expected from any Linux based system. This release is available free of charge and can be downloaded from our site "Downloads" link in the left hand menu.

Features:Linux 2.4.25 based system kernel
Iptables based stateful firewalling
Bare minimum of hardware requirements
Support for Ethernet (static and DHCP), PPPoE, and PPP dialup internet connections.
No hard drive or CD-ROM required for firewall operation
Excellent uptime and operating system reliability

System Requirements:

486DX/25 or better processor
12Mb RAM
1.44Mb floppy drive

SSH 2.0 and web based remote administration options
QoS support
No-cost alternative that can make use of old hardware that may have otherwise lost its usefulness.
Easily shares an Internet connection with hundreds of LAN clients (adequate hardware and Internet connectivity required).

Network interface card for LAN
Network interface card or serial dialup modem for Internet connection
VGA display adapter


Lankomumo reitingas

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1. Открытый код имеет неплохие перспективы на рынке мобильников
2. Ошибка в ядре Linux создает условия для DoS-атак
1. Ошибка в ядре Linux создает условия для DoS-атак
2. Открытый код имеет неплохие перспективы на рынке мобильников