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The History of Paintball
Paintball started in 1981 with 12 competitors playing capture the flag. They shot paintballs at each other using special marking air guns. Since then, the game has exploded into a multimillion-dollar sport with amateur and professional tournaments across the United States and internationally, offering cash purses and prizes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Daisy (manufacturer of air guns), Crossmam (manufacturer of air guns), Scott USA ( they make ski poles and goggles), and JT USA (famous for motocross safety equipment) are just a few of the major companies that have expanded into the paintball world.

Playing the game

Paintball is a game that combines, well I’ll say, capture the flag and.... chess, just mix in hide ‘n’ seek and add a large dose of adrenaline and you have the sport of paintball. Paintball is a challenging and fast-paced game that as few as two or a group as big as the voting population can play. The basic game has two teams, each with its own flag station and matching color armbands. Each team starts at it own flag station. A starting signal is given and each team tries to reach the other team’s station, grab the flag and race back to his station. He or she must do all of this without getting tagged or hit with a paintball if you get hit you are out of the game. If you had the flag when you got hit you must drop the flag and leave the game.

Playing fields

A good field will provide a day of excitement, challenge and fun. Most fields are outdoors, with the vegetation and terrain as varied as the natural countryside. Many fields add props, which range from basic plywood “forts” very elaborate scenarios. Indoor fields are growing in popularity.

Parts of the field

Flag station: This is the place where the teams flag is hung. All players have to start out at there own flag station. Most teams will keep one or more players at the flag station to keep guard.

Boundaries: These are what keeps people in the field. They line the playing area and are bright in color so you can see them easily. Players must stay with in the boundaries or the will be disqualified.

Bunkers: These are places that are defensible. They are use as stepping positions for advancing or retreating. They an be natural or man made some fields use tires or stacks of logs.

Referees: They enforce safety and playing rules. They check to see if a player has been tagged. They can kick you out of the game if you are not playing right (so play right). They wear bright colored vests.


The basic equipment needed for play is: paintball safety goggles and face mask (MANDATORY), comfortable clothing (some use old blue jeans and an old jacket others use expensive camouflage), a paint gun (price range from $60.00 for a simple pump gun to $1200.00 for a tricked out autococker), paintballs, and a desire to have a great time. Some people have more equipment like a but pack to hold extra paintballs, a sight for easier aiming, There is much more but you get the point if you need to know them all E-mail me.

The paintball

Paintballs are not made of paint. They are gelatin capsules containing a colorful, water soluble, biodegradable, non-toxic mixture of vegetable oil, food color and soap detergent. Paintballs are encapsulated by the same machines that make bath oil beads and vitamins. R.P. Scherer, the worlds largest soft gel encapsulation company, was the first company to produce paintballs. Over one billion paintballs are produced annually.

How a paint gun works

All paint guns are powered by compressed gas or CO2 that is released from a refillable tank or small CO2 powerlet. The released pressure shoots the paintball. The velocity of the paintball the barrel is usually 250 to 300 feet per second (fps);  300fps is the maximum allowed speed internationally. Tank cylinders come in different sizes. The bigger the tank, the longer you can play before a refill (it sucks running out of CO2 in the middle of your game).

Paint gun types

Paint guns vary from the basic pump pistol to the high-tech semi-automatic


Semi-automatic paint guns have a paintball loaded automatically after the paintgun shoots. The paint gun can shoot paint almost just as fast as you can pull the trigger. One pull, one shot


Pump-action paint guns have a manual pump mechanism that loads the paintball into the paintgun. The player must pump-load after every shot.

Velocity Check

To check velocity at which a paint gun is shooting, a chronograph is used. The radar chronograph uses a small Doppler radar to measure velocity of a paintball. The Paintball is shot over the machine. The radar picks up the paintball and records the speed of the ball on a digital display. If a paint gun is shooting at over 300 fps, it is adjusted to a lower velocity. Other chronographs use light. Light entering the machine’s sensors is interrupted by the ball. The machine calculates the ball’s velocity based on the travel time between sensors.


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