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How do I generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for my web server?

For detailed instructions on the different web servers and how to create the Certificate Signing Requests (CSR's) for server certificates, please proceed to the following URL:

Select your server software vendor to view detailed instructions for generating a CSR. If your server is not listed or you need additional information, refer to your server documentation or contact your server vendor.

Important points to remember when generating the CSR:

Do not include shift characters in the enrolment fields. During enrolment for a VeriSign Server ID, you may receive an error "105" after you submit your Certificate Signing Request (CSR). The error is due to an invalid attribute or character in the CSR that you are trying to submit. The Web server software used to generate this CSR is using an incorrect tag or encoding scheme that is preventing our system from reading the information that is contained in the CSR. The most common cause of this error are shift characters such as: (,), @, #, &, !, etc. (most non-alphanumeric). For example, if you have an "&" in your organization name, you will need to spell out the word "and" or leave out the "&". During the creation of the CSR, the following fields are to be entered: Organization, Organizational Unit, Country, State, Locality, and Common Name. Ensure that the Organization and the Organizational Unit match exactly as requested upon signing up for the Managed PKI for SSL product.

The Common Name is typically composed of Host + Domain Name and will look like "" or "". VeriSign Server IDs are specific to the Common Name that they have been issued to at the Host level. The Common Name must be the same as the Web address you will be accessing when connecting to a secure site. For example, a Server ID for the domain "" will receive a warning if accessing a site named "" or "", as "" and "" are different from "". You would need to create a CSR for the correct Common Name. When the Server ID will be used on an Intranet (or internal network), the Common Name may be one word, and it can also be the name of the server.

If you do not currently have a needed domain registered to your account, you will need to follow the process to do so. Please see solution vs105 for further details.

Note to non-administrators for the VeriSign Managed PKI account: Your Managed PKI administrator will approve, deny, or expedite approval of the certificate request. VeriSign, Inc. does not handle this responsibility, and we have validated your Managed PKI administrator to facilitate these duties through their Control Center.

Please email or contact the support line at 0800 032 2101 or if further technical assistance is required.


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