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2021 г. сентябрь 24 д., пятница - Информационный портал
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Lithuanian tourism stand found to be the most original and professional

The Lithuanian tourism stand featured at the 12th international tourism exhibition “Tour and Travel Warsaw 2004” held in Warsaw, Poland, was acknowledged as the most original and most professionally built among all the participants.

Lithuanian tourism opportunities have been introduced in Warsaw each year. The stand representing our country is one of the most visited and the largest. This year, Lithuanian tourism opportunities were presented at “Tour and Travel Warsaw 2004” by sixteen public and private Lithuanian companies: the State Department of Tourism, the Lithuanian Tourism Fund, Vilnius, Kaunas, Druskininkai and Birstonas municipalities and tourist information centres, travel agencies and Lithuania’s largest hotels.

UAB Ekspolinija Vilnius built a stand for the Lithuanian representatives covering an area of 54 sq.m. Decorated with the colours of the Lithuanian flag, the stand was awarded a diploma by the organisers of the exhibition as the most original and most professionally built among all the participants.

Of primary interest to Polish citizens visiting the stand was the recreation opportunities in Lithuania .

According to Statistics Lithuania, from January through April of this year the number of tourists coming to Lithuania from neighbouring Poland increased by 18.9 per cent year-on-year. Hopefully, as a result of the exhibition these figures will continue to grow.


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