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Psychic Vampirism and Attack
Psychic vampirism, also known as psychic attack, is the draining of a person’s energy and life-force through magical or demonic attack. In magic and sorcery, certain individuals possess the skill to command demonic entities to attack and deplete other living things: humans, animals, and crops and plant life. The victim experiences a mysterious fatigue and exhaustion, troubling dreams and horrible nightmares, sexual assaults and perhaps symptoms of the Old Hag (nightmare) syndrome. Psychic attack also can be perpetrated by vampires, as attested in anecdotal accounts of attacks in the Eastern European vampire literature.

The English occultist Dion Fortune is considered the leading authority on psychic attack. From her own experiences – first with a hostile boss and then with fellow occultists – she gained expert knowledge of how psychic attacks occur, their symptoms in unsuspecting victims, and how the attacks can be warded off or nullified. "I am of the opinion that psychic attacks are far commoner than is generally realized, even by occultists themselves," she states in her definitive work on psychic attack, Psychic Self-Defence (1930). She acknowledges that getting people to admit such attacks was not easy because of skepticism and fear of seeming to be mentally unbalanced.

According to Fortune, there are two types of psychic attack: by nonphysical entities and by human beings. The nonphysical entities may be acting on their own accord, or be directed to attack by a human being. These entities are said to be either demons commandeered by magic, or thought-forms, beings created by magic. Psychic attacks by human beings are said to be possible through formidable mental powers or traveling out-of-body in astral form. The weight on the chest of a sleeper, the primary symptom of a Old Hag attack (see article on this subject on this website), is considered by Fortune to be a symptom of psychic attack. The purposes of psychic attack are to weaken, debilitate and destroy, to bend to the will of the attacker, or simply to draw off energy. In all cases, the victim ultimately is psychically vampirized due to a loss of life-force. Exhaustion sets in, and in extreme cases, the victim falls seriously ill and may even die.

Most people normally are protected from falling victim to psychic attack because of the vitality of their own protective energy fields, and their inability to perceive the invisible forces of the Unseen. However, there are four conditions in which this protective veil can be rent, according to Fortune: 1) being in a place where occult forces are concentrated; 2) encountering people who are adept at handling these forces; 3) dabbling in the occult and getting out of depth; and 4) falling victim to certain pathological conditions.

Fortune said that attack can occur at any time, but most occur at night, and especially when the victim is sleeping, because those are times when psychic resistance is lowest. Phases of the moon also are important: the waning moon and dark of the moon are considered to be the best times for the working of harmful magic.

Symptoms of an attack are varied and include unexplained behavior, disturbed dreams, the Old Hag sydrome, repulsive smells, exhaustion, confusion, dizziness, mental breakdown, illness and the occurrence of poltergeist phenomena. In some cases, victims may show bruises or tiny bite marks, which may bleed. Fortune, who believed herself to be psychically attacked numerous times, awoke one morning with dried blood on her pillow from a small puncture behind the angle of the jaw. She attributed the puncture to the presence of a girl who was a psychic vampire. Others in the girl's proximity reported the same puncture marks and blood.

Fortune's help was sought by many who feared they were victims of occult attack. One case she cites in Psychic Self-Defence is that of Mr. C. and his two wives who were victimized by Miss X. As a young girl, Miss X. had been engaged to a man who, soon after the engagement was announced, developed consumption and died of a violent hemorrhage. A few years later, she became engaged again and the second fiance also developed consumption. Although he, too, hemorrhaged, his illness was lingering, and he lived as an invalid for years. During his illness, Miss X. took a house, moved him in and installed an aunt as chaperone. The aunt soon developed listlessness and for days at a stretch would lie unconscious. However, no cause of her illness could be found.

During the tedium, Miss X. entertained herself by visiting Mr. and Mrs. C. She became infatuated with Mr. C., but her attentions went unrequited. Mrs. C. soon died of cancer of the womb. Much to the chagrin of Miss X., Mr. C. married another woman. The health of the second Mrs. C. began to decline. She suffered nightmares, epileptic-like fits, weakness and fatigue. Eventually she as diagnosed as having cancer of the womb. She, too, died.

At about the same time, Miss X.'s aunt and second fiance also succumbed. Miss X. suffered a mental breakdown and was admitted to a nursing home in the country. In all likelihood, her vampirism finally turned on herself.

Another modern example of psychic attack is reported in The Psychology of Witchcraft (1974) by Tom Ravensdale and James Morgan. It concerns a young woman and her husband who were offered accommodation by an older woman whom they knew slightly. Soon after moving in, the young woman began to feel uncomfortable by constant attention from the old landlady. She would be waiting for the girl to come home from work every evening, and she would find a reason to visit the young woman when the husband was not present. She would fix the girl with an intense gaze. She seemed to emanate an unpleasant aura.

The young woman's energy declined and her health deteriorated. As she suffered, the old woman blossomed with vigor and vitality. The girl's husband suggested a change of residence, but the girl declined and opted instead to stay longer at work. As soon as she decreased the time spent in the od woman's house, her condition improved -- and the old woman's deteriorated. Within a week or two, the old woman was bedridden. Unfortunately, the girl took pity on her and took to caring for her. The old woman's health improved immediately, but the girl's health declined to the point where her husband sent her to a doctor. The doctor diagnosed her as anemic and overworked, and ordered her to rest and eat a better diet. She followed his instructions, but made no improvement. Instead, she steadily grew worse and suffered from complete exhaustion and severe headaches.

Then the husband noticed two small red patches on her throat. The marks didn't hurt and were of unknown cause, so they were ignored.

The old woman, meanwhile, had become so rejuvenated and youthful-looking that she decided to take a trip into the country to visit relatives. During her absence, the girl's health returned. She decided to consult a psychic. The psychic clairvoyantly saw the old woman as a psychic vampire surrounded by an aura of evil, and advised the girl and her husband to depart the house immediately. They lacked the funds to do so.

When the old woman returned, the girl's health once again declined. Now she was so weakened that she was hospitalized. Her red marks returned and now they bled. A Spiritualist friend visited and recommended that the girl wear a crucifix and a ring blessed by a priest, and have her room sealed with holy water. The terrified girl agreed. When these measures had been taken she experienced an immediate and marked improvement in her condition.

The "vampire" in turn became furious and displayed an uncontrolled hatred toward the girl. But as the girl became stronger, the old woman weakened. At last the girl and her husband were able to move out. She made a complete recovery.

Not all cases of psychic vampirism are perpetrated by a calculating and malevolent individual. Some people seem to be unwitting energy vampires. Fortune, whose occult study was coupled with a study of psychoanalysis, found some clinic cases to be unusually exhausting. A nurse informed her that these same patients had an extraordinary capacity to absorb high voltages of electricity from the various therapy machines in use at the time.

Protection against psychic attack and vampirism

According to occult experts, protection against psychic vampirism can be gained by picturing an ovid shell of white mist surrounding one’s body, becoming denser and denser with each outward breath. Project with the will determination that evil forces will not be able to penetrate the shell. Form it in the morning and repeat at midday and whenever entering crowds or undesirable or threatening areas. Repeat at night prior to sleep.

When walking along streets, keep the hands closed to retain one’s magnetic energies. On trains, buses, and so forth, sit with hands clasped and the left foot placed over the right. This closes the circuit of the body’s electricity.



Adapted from The Encyclopedia of Vampires, Werewolves and Other Monsters by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, published by Facts On File, 2004.


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