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Wedding Gowns – After the Event
So many brides spend literally thousands of dollars on perfect wedding gowns, that it can seem a real shame just to discard their precious wedding gowns, after the day is done. But, let’s face it, when else would you actually have the opportunity to wear a wedding dress? So, unfortunately, most wedding gowns simply end up in storage; there must be a better way. Wedding Gowns Through the Generations Fashion does come and go, and wedding gowns are no exceptions. You may find that within a couple of decades old wedding gowns come back into fashion and are often of considerable sentimental value. So store your gown wisely and you may get to see your daughter or grand-daughter enjoying the same dress, in years to come. If you have opted for one of the simple wedding gowns that are classical and dateless, the chances of your gown being worn by future generations, is even greater. Don’t be embarrassed to mention your stored wedding gown to the younger members of your family; they may be delighted to save some money and to carry on a family tradition. Altering Wedding Gowns Another popular choice involves altering wedding gowns, so that they can be used as other dresses or items of clothing. This is a particularly good idea if you have chosen one of the two-piece wedding gowns that are currently very popular. With these types of wedding gowns it is particularly easy to use either the top or bottom of the dress as a separate item of clothing. If you have chosen a one-piece wedding gown, then you can still ask a seamstress to split the bodice from the skirt part of the dress, in order to create two different items of clothing that can be used, on other smart occasions. Other Ideas for Wedding Gowns Many wedding gowns end up being sold after the big day. This is a great way to supplement the initial costs of married life; it also provides others with an opportunity to purchase a cheap wedding gown. If you are feeling a little more giving, then why not donate your wedding gown to a local charity? By giving your wedding gown to a charity you can feel that you are really helping out, whilst also clearing some space in your home. For those who choose to throw away their old wedding gowns, it is advisable that you keep a small section of the material, so that you can put it in your wedding album as part of your wedding memories. Wedding gowns are such an important part of the wedding day that deciding what to do with your gown after the big event should be a matter of priority.


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